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Google is testing a dark mode for web search

According to 9to5Google, Google is testing a dark mode for its search engine in the web interface. At a time when virtually all of his Android applications have already received a dark mode. Should it be time to get dark mode on computer screens as well? They have been supporting it in their system for some time now (macOS, Windows and Linux).

Google search dark mode now on your computer

Google is currently conducting A / B testing of a dark topic on its site. A / B testing means that only a selected sample of users received version A (ie black theme), while the rest use version B (white theme).

In dark mode, the entire search engine environment becomes as dark as we know it from mobile applications. The Google logo is no longer colored, but simply white. The colored category icons (News, Pictures, Shopping, and more) are also white. The only color element is the microphone icon, which is interesting. Google’s typical color gamut (blue, red, yellow, and green) remained. Links and other blue elements remain blue (but have a slightly different shade). All black texts are now gray.

Google’s homepage remains white, adding 9to5Google. Google has something to catch up with on your computer. So far, only YouTube services have a dark theme there – YouTube Music, YouTube TV and the Google Keep note service.

Google’s dark mode is not yet available worldwide, and you can’t force it – either you get it or you don’t. However, you can see from the images that the browser does not matter – the images are from Firefox and Chrome.

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Google is back to normal, Gmail, YouTube and other services are up and running

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