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Google is releasing dark mode for Google Maps

Google has been tempting to go dark in Google Maps for over a year. After the mention of this mode appeared in the application code in version 10.50, we could see it in version 10.51.1 in September. However, only a small group of users had access to this mode, and after a few weeks, the dark mode disappeared even for those who had it. Now, however, it seems that Google is once again disabling dark mode among users. Why?

Google Maps is getting dark again

The AndroidPolice server writes on its website that several users noticed the dark mode in Google Maps. They got their leaker with the nickname Bubu the day before yesterday update to version 10.56.1, in which dark mode is available. A few other users on Twitter shared that they had it available in their version, but activation takes place on the server side. Proof of this is the fact that people from APKMirror have downloaded the latest version of Google Maps to their phones and still do not have the mode available.

Obviously, the American giant had a problem, and the dark regime brings almost a year after it first appeared in the application. We just hope that there will be no further complications and the popular mode will reach all users as soon as possible. If you have it available, please let us know in the comments.

Already have Google Maps dark?

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