Google is preparing a big news for Wear OS. What’s going on?

If you have experience with Wear OS, then you know that widgets (when swipe right) such as weather or sports statistics are available only from the watch manufacturer or Google itself. Third parties can’t work with this feature, and you just don’t create your own widgets. But that is about to change. These tiles will be supported by Wear OS also from third party developers.

Third-party widgets will be heading to Wear OS soon

This fact was announced by one of the developers on the Android blog, and the function should be available from the spring of this year. Function Jetpack Tiles it is said to be still in the alpha development phase. But at the same time it is available to all developers and so on they can start experimenting with new widgets now.

Prior to this information, it was also unknown when Google Wear OS would finally update. It would be time. We now know that he will arrive sometime in the spring. We do not know the list of new functions yet, but it is almost certain that these tiles will be one of the main novelties.

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