Google Home improves its Favorites tab

Google has been regularly overhauling its Home app lately. Now a new trick has been added, namely the possibility to control several lamps in a group at once within the Favorites menu.

Google Home

Recently it became possible to rank the various devices that you have chosen yourself within that Favorites tab. Favorites, or probably the most used gadgets in your smart home. That used to be quite a hassle with the lamps, because you added them all separately and not as a group, so you just kept dragging and dropping.

Google employee Anish Kattukaran has said that’s about to change. An update is coming that will allow you to put the lights of the entire room in one tab. It was of course something that many people asked, because controlling all those lamps one by one was a bit less successful. Now you only have to press the button and all the lights in a certain room are off or on.

Public Preview

If you’re part of the public preview, you’ll be able to see the change, but it’s not guaranteed. It would also be seen in the new Home section on Pixel devices, but we have not yet spotted it in the editorial office. That new Home section is also called Home Panel and should take you to control your smart home with a tap on the lock screen. It can also be found in the Quick Settings, where the device control is called. All this can be used outside of the Google Home app, so that saves you opening an app again.

Do you already have this function? Were you also one of the people who were eagerly waiting for this? Or are you waiting for something else within Google Home? Leave it now in the comments to this article.

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