Google has finally fixed one of Google TV’s most annoying bugs

Changing the user account is crucial on TVs or other streaming devices. Each of us has a different taste (especially a man and a woman), so it is sometimes annoying when a new episode of The Circle series or makeup videos pop up when you like football and technology. However, it is not possible to change your account with Google TV. Well, at least for now.

Google TV account change

According to the 9to5google website, an update is on the way that will add this option. Every new account added through Google TV will have own personalized environment. It is not yet clear whether other applications will be available (which the other user does not use, for example) or whether it will be purely the home screen. But we honestly take it both options. The absence of this key function is especially punishable, especially for television in the living room.

Google TV (previously Play Movies & TV)

In addition to this feature will also be available children’s profiles, where you can hide your selected movies or series. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when this feature will be available to all users.

How often do you switch between profiles?

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