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Google gives Pixel devices new functions with Pixel Feature Drop December

Google has released a new ‘Pixel Feature Drop’ where we see the new features coming to the Pixel. What new features can we expect from this month?

Pixel Feature Drop – December 2020

Every three months, Google releases a ‘Feature Drop’ with new functions that become available on the Pixel devices. That’s the case now, and so Pixel owners of different models can expect new features.

First of all, there is Adaptive Sound. This allows the equalizer to be adjusted while listening to music. For this, the telephone uses the microphone to assess the acoustics in the environment. Another improvement is the extreme battery saver, which helps you use your phone even longer. With Hold for Me, the call is muted when you are put on hold; to be notified when the call resumes. That way you can focus on other things. This only works in the US, by the way.

Furthermore, the accuracy of GPS in cities must be significantly improved and charging is more battery-friendly thanks to Adaptive Charging. When scanning music, automatically found songs can be directly saved to a YouTube Music playlist.

All new features are highlighted in the video below. The update will be available on various devices in the coming days. This Feature Drop is for the Pixel 3 and the generations that follow.

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