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Google Fit gets an update with a new home screen and better sleep tracking

Google has an update ready for Google Fit. With the new update, users will be presented with a new start screen. In addition, sleep tracking has been improved with the new version.

Google Fit with new home screen

There are a large number of applications and applications available in the Google Play Store to keep track of your health. Google Fit, Google’s own health app, is a good example of this. With the new announced update, the users can expect various improvements.

First of all, the start screen is overhauled. The last renewal of this screen dates from 2018, when, among other things, the heart points were added to the app. The new update provides some more information on the home screen. The focus is on providing insights. Not only for the day itself, but also for this week. Think of the goal for the number of steps, the heart points and an overview of your most recent training; with heart rate, weight and blood pressure. You can easily share an overview of your run, for example, as well as specific diary entries from your Google Fit account.

Another improvement has to do with sleep tracking. Sleep tracking is not provided by Google Fit, but it uses sleep data collected by third-party apps. Much more information is now shown. Think about sleep stages, bedtime schedule goals, and more. First of all, data from the apps Sleep as Android and Sleep Cycle; and the products of Fossil, the Oura Ring and Withings sleeping pads immediately display the information correctly; more devices and services will be supported in the future.

Google Fit training

For the users of a smartwatch with Wear OS, improvements are also coming. This involves more choice of tiles. For example, you can immediately place a shortcut as against for starting your favorite workouts. There is also a new ‘Breathe Tile’ that guides you through breathing sessions.

The update for Google Fit is being rolled out in phases. So it may take a while before everyone has the update.

Google Fit: Track your health and activity
Google Fit: Track your health and activity

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