Google fired dozens of employees. They caused data leaks

Needless to say, the business of the American giant named Google is based mainly on the use of carefully collected data. For some, this can be a very controversial business, however, other big players are in exactly the same area. Not only in front of hackers, but also in front of competitors, the company must protect well-collected information, which is often the responsibility of individual employees. And they are not always consistent or honest, especially in such a huge corporation. This is also proved by the dismissal of several dozen employees, who are behind the intentional data leaks or theirs poor protection for the last three years.

In the years 2018 to 2020, he allegedly released Google a total of 80 peoplewho were directly associated with the misuse, leakage or other unauthorized use of data. In some cases it was intent, in other cases negligence. But all the perpetrators faced the same fate – expulsion. In 2018 there were 18 people, in 2019 26 and a year later another ten more. The information comes from from a person inside the company, who revealed it to the editorial office under the promise of anonymity.

Google did not directly confirm the exact numbers, but added that such redundancies do occur. This is probably perfectly logical and understandable. The numbers point to the annual growing trend of such cases, but compared to the total number of people working for Google (estimated at about 150,000), this is a very small number. The American company also points out this in response. In conclusion, it is worth adding that similar cases are undoubtedly solved by many other technological giants.

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