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Google Discover gets a toolbar that you can personalize

Google has plans for a new toolbar at the top of Google Discover, which the company itself has announced. In the toolbar you can view the price of stocks you follow, the weather, or the scores of sports competitions.

Google Discover Toolbar

Like all services from Google, Discover also gets a new appearance with the Material You theme with the arrival of Android 12. Google also sees an opportunity to introduce a new function: a toolbar consisting of tiles that you can switch on or off yourself.

In a short demo video from Google on Telegram, we see tiles with the weather, Amazon share price and football news about club Bayern Munich. If you swipe all the way to the right you will also see a plus button, and with that you can activate or deactivate all these tiles.

Extra large tile

The nice thing is that a tile will be shown full width on the screen if you choose to display only one. In the case of the weather forecast, you will then see the place where you are as additional information, together with the weather forecast in text and the humidity. It is important that you first set in advance which clubs or shares you are interested in with the shares and sports results.

At this point, the new Discover feature hasn’t rolled out yet, and we don’t know when to expect it. Do you already see the toolbar with tiles? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article

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