Google comes with sustainable options in Search and Google Maps

Various Google services are being expanded with improvements. Among other things, the CO2 emissions of your flight can be seen, and environmentally friendly routes will also be shown in Google Maps.

Google with sustainable options

If you search for airline tickets with Google, you will now see a new option. You see the CO2 emissions for every flight. This should make it possible to make a sustainable travel choice. In the overview with airline tickets, you can also sort by CO2 emissions.

These are estimates of CO2 emissions, using the algorithmic model from 2019, from the European Environment Agency. Some flights may have lower emissions. The route, type of aircraft and class are taken into account. Google provides more detailed information on this page.

Google also provides information about the efforts made by hotels, for example, regarding sustainability. This includes waste reduction or water conservation. It is also checked whether a hotel has an EarthCheck or a Green Key certificate. Google will first show more environmentally friendly devices in ‘Shopping’, for example with washing machines.

Google Maps

Soon it should also be possible to plan eco-friendly routes in Google Maps. This feature was announced back in March and is now being tested in the United States. The feature should be available in Europe from next year.

According to Google, choosing an environmentally friendly route can save a million tons of CO2 emissions per year. It also has the advantage for the motorist that fuel consumption is reduced. The fuel-efficient routes will not always be the fastest route, Google reports.

Google Maps eco-friendly route

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