Chrome will switch to dark mode on macOS Mojave . Google is currently preparing the ground for its Internet browser and it is already possible to enjoy by ordering in Terminal and using the developer version of Chrome.

The dark mode, as it exists today in the developer version of Chrome, looks a lot like the one found when you activate private browsing. Everything is dark: tabs, URL bar, menu for favorites, settings and everything that goes with it. It will be interesting to see how Google will differentiate Chrome from dark mode and Chrome from private browsing. Apple is already struggling to do so with Safari so the designs are close between dark and private browsing.

When will users be able to enjoy dark mode on Chrome? It will be necessary to be patient. Chrome 71 was born recently (see what’s new on this article ) and did not incorporate the dark theme. Chrome 72 will be available in late January and could possibly be the version with the theme in question. If this is not the case, we will have to wait for Chrome 73, which will be available in mid-March. The beginning of 2019 seems in any case a certainty.

For the most impatient, it is possible to install themes that give a dark appearance. They are available on the Chrome Web Store .