Google Chrome for PC will learn how to make your own screenshot

How to work normally in a browser on a computer you are capturing the screen? You probably don’t belong to those who take pictures with her on their mobile phones. So your favorite Print Screen button or perhaps handy clippings? Whatever you go for it, in the case of Google Chrome, you seem to be looking forward to it soon next possibility. The developers of the popular browser are gradually implementing new ones into it Sdílecí menu, which was first discovered in a trial version a few weeks ago. It contained items for copying the address, generating the QR code, sending the image and saving the page. He joined them now screenshot or taking a screenshot. And not only that.

The purpose of the new menu is to associate the listed tools, which are otherwise everywhere possible, into one offer. There will be a screenshot and also sending the card to another user’s device. It seems that the possibility of Google Chrome is also being worked on not just created ordinary images screen and save them to the clipboard.

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

It is likely that the browser will also offer scanning of a selected part of the displayed area as well some editor. That would certainly be quite useful. It is not yet known when this news could reach regular users.

How often and how do you take a screenshot on a PC?

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