Google Chrome 89 has been updated and is significantly better!

Google has made improvements in an update to Chrome 89 for macOS, Windows and Android.

On Chromium blog, Google has explained in a new post how the latest version of Chrome 89 limits memory loss. The loading times on Mac, Windows and Android have also been improved. Google claims Chrome 89 is now smarter when it comes to using and removing memory across platforms. For example, Chrome 89 now deletes the memory when the foreground tab is not in use. Like with large images that have just been scrolled past.

Memory saving

The Chrome 89 update also reduces the amount of memory needed when using the browser on background tabs for macOS. Chrome has been doing this on other platforms for some time now. This can save up to 8 percent in memory and improve the Apple Energy Impact score for background tabs by up to 65 percent. An additional advantage is a cooler Mac with quieter fans.

Chrome 89 will use the ‘PartitionAlloc’ on Android and 64-bit Windows after this update. This is an advanced memory allocator from the company. Chrome 89’s responsiveness improves by up to 9 percent and saves up to 22 percent in memory.


Google says the new Play and Android capabilities made it possible to rebuild the browser in such a way that there are fewer crashes. It also runs more stable on the latest Android devices. A new function that will be introduced are the so-called “Freeze-Dried Tabs”.

These tabs make it possible to make the startup of Chrome 89 on Android up to 13 percent faster after the update. These tabs work by saving a lighter version of the tabs, about the size of a screenshot. But it still supports scrolling and zooming. The links also remain clickable, but it makes working with Chrome 89 a lot faster.

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