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Google Chrome 103 is available: the list of new features

Google now offers the stable version of Chrome 103 for download. It includes some new features, this is an opportunity to discover them.

What’s new in Chrome 103

With Chrome 103, pages load faster according to Google. This is possible thanks to the support of 103 Early Hints (the number 103 here is not related to the browser version, it’s just a coincidence). This response code helps preload web pages even before you click on the link, which can speed up load times by a few hundred milliseconds. It may not seem like much, but over time, this short speed boost could save users a noticeable amount of time.

Additionally, the new version relies on machine learning to help Chrome predict when a user is unlikely to accept notifications from a site. The browser will then block these messages for you. If you don’t agree with Chrome’s decision, you can click the “Allow for this site” button.

Separately, Chrome 103 marks the first time that web apps can take advantage of fonts you have installed on your computer without needing to ask for permissions. This should make PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) feel more like native apps.

Finally, we can mention the support of the AVIF image format in Web Share, the gamepad API which now requires a secure context or the battery status API which is no longer supported. loads in insecure contexts, including HTTP pages and HTTPS iframes embedded in HTTP pages.

Chrome 103 is available now for download at

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