Google Camera: an Astrotimelapse mode invites itself in the Pixels

Like every beginning of the month, the Google Pixels are preparing to receive the new Android update. However, users of Google smartphones can consult the Pixel Tips app to discover in detail the various new features provided by the patches. And precisely, the journalists of the 9To5Google site decided to dissect the APK of the next version of Pixel Tips for get an overview of the new features in the program.

To do this, the journalists therefore explored the source code of the APK, looking for lines of code that could teach us something. However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the elements discovered in these lines of code will not be integrated one day. 9To5Google has therefore peeled the APK files of version of the Pixel Tips application.

They found a particularly interesting line of code there, related to Google Camera, or the application Google Camera in the language of Cyril Hanouna: CamerasAstrotimelapseSettingController. As you will have understood, the key term here is of course “Astrotimelapse”. This suggests that the excellent mode of astrophotography of the Google Pixels will therefore be able to offer a Time lapse function.

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A Time lapse of the Milky Way on the Google Pixels

As a reminder, Time lapse is a time-lapse effect performed on a large series of shots of the same place at regular intervals. The goal is to observe the evolution, the movement, between the first image and the last. The photos are generally assembled at a rate of 24 images per second to obtain a time lapse. If we believe the discovery of 9To5Google, Pixel owners would therefore be able to record the movements of the stars after dark.

Only downside, obviously this feature would be integrated on version 8.2.3 of the Google Camera application. However, we are still at the previous version, namely 8.2.2 and no patch has been announced for the moment. In other words, hard to know that the Time lapse in Astrophotography mode will be available to the general public.

As a reminder, during Google I / O 2021, the Mountain View firm announced that Google Photos would have a new feature called ” Locked Folder“. The principle is simple: users will be able to hide the photos of their choice present in their photo gallery. According to 9To5Google, a line of code related to this feature was also found in the APK of Pixel Tips. What to suggest once again an imminent deployment of this functionality.

Finally, remember that Google Camera is not exclusive to Pixels devices and that the app can be integrated into many other devices. To be sure to install the right APK on your smartphone, we recommend the GCamator app. Note that Google Camera will not take the place of your photo app, but will be added to your app drawer. So you can take pictures with both and compare the results …

Source: 9To5Google

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