Good Deals: a five-star laser engraver and 3D printer on sale!

In this somewhat unusual good plan, this time we are offering 2 devices, admittedly different, but rather complementary: a high-end 3D printer at -30% and a precision laser engraver at -25%. Two great deals …

The Sculpfun S9 laser engraver at 270 € instead of 355 €

good plan

The Sculpfun laser engraver is a versatile device that can engrave on wood as well as on metal, ceramics, glass, stone, slates, oxidized metal, steel, acrylic, plywood, leather, etc. Its maximum power of 5.5W also allows it to cut through 15mm pieces of wood with an accuracy of 0.06mm (the cutting area is 0.1mm). Delivered pre-assembled, the device is operational in 15 minutes. The engraving head is replaceable to allow the machine to be upgraded if you feel like it. The metal frame allows it to engrave 410 x 420mm media in one go. The device embeds a device that stops the engraving if the laser does not move for a long time or if it detects a flame. The Sculpfun is compatible with the LightBurn: the most popular solution in the world for this kind of work.

While this laser engraver normally costs € 355.99, this early-year promo drops the price to € 334.63, but with the code NNNSCULPFUN, the price drops again to 270 €!

good plan

The QIDI X-MAX 3D printer at 952 € instead of 1334 €

If you have taken a look at the possibilities offered by your first-price 3D printer or if you want to switch directly to a high-end device so as not to regret anything, here is the QIDI X-MAX! It has two different extruders depending on the filament material you are using: one for “normal” materials like ABS, PLA and the very flexible TPU, and another for nylon, PC (polycarbonate) and carbon fiber. These recent filaments also require a constant temperature. This is why the coil is positioned inside the ventilated cage. This cage also offers a volume of 300 x 300 x 250 mm for very generous prints.

QIDI X-MAX comes with a double-sided magnetic platform with two Z-axis structure for more precision. Finally, be aware that if the printers at 150 or 300 € are precise to the tenth of a millimeter, with the QIDI X-MAX the layer precision is 100 µm (microns) and the extruder is positioned to the nearest ten microns for a impeccable professional result.

With this promo, the price drops from € 1,334.99 to € 949.62, but if the price displayed on the page is higher than this, enter the code NNNLESIMPRI3D34 to bring down the price.

good plan

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