Good deal: Xiaodu DU wireless headphones at half the price

Normally priced at $ 19.99 (€ 17.30), the Xiaodu DU wireless headphones are right now at half price with the code DUVIP10. They therefore drop to $ 9.99 (€ 8.64)! An incredible price when you know the richness of its features! Indeed, these earphones of 3.7 grams each have a very comfortable endurance since you can recharge them up to 3 times in their case. This brings the total autonomy to 16 hours. Made from “skin friendly” materials, the Xiaodu DU connect to your smartphone or your computer using Bluetooth 5 to reduce latency to a minimum (200 milliseconds maximum).

A list of features as long as the arm!

Its IPX4 certification protects them from rain or perspiration, but what impresses the most for its price is its noise reduction mode which allows very comfortable listening in transport for example. Advanced AAC / SBC audio decoding reduces sound loss while the output holes help balance the different frequencies for very good sound quality.

ince the application, it is possible to monitor the charge gauge and configure the touch capabilities of the headphones. By default, one press pauses the music and two presses allow you to pick up the hook if you receive a call. Note also that the Xiaodu DU has a function to take voice notes (with the possibility of transcribing them in writing, but only for English, Chinese and Japanese languages).

-50% for the first 100 customers: hurry!

Please note that this 50% reduction is only granted to the first 100 customers. The first 200 buyers will receive a small carrying pouch while those who want to buy 2 pairs of headphones will receive an additional 5% discount! If you haven’t yet succumbed to the “True Wireless” fashion, now is the time …

The advantages of Xiaodu DU Smart Buds:

  • An incredible price!
  • Headphones with noise reduction
  • A very good autonomy


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