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Gollum – hatch eggs and breed bird

Gollum – hatch eggs and breed bird

In Chapter Three “Black Dungeons – The Breeder” you finally have one of the more pleasant tasks and are led to the breeding station by the candle man. There you should successfully hatch a bird egg so that one day it can become a messenger bird. There are no big explanations, instead you should start right away with Smeagol/Gollum. We explain how you incubate the egg and breed a bird.

Hatching Eggs: Color Selection for Bird Breeding

There are a total of four stations that are necessary for your breeding:

  1. The Birdcage
  2. The heater
  3. The Color Cauldron
  4. The hatchery

At the birdcage you can take the gigantic blue egg and bring it straight to the paint cauldron. You have in breeding so many tries as you wish, Gollum does not die on failure. Luckily, all you need is a functioning bird creature.

Throw the egg into the paint cauldron with the mormak and choose a color. You can breed a white, brown or black bird. Each color has a different heat requirement. You must therefore now set the correct temperature at the furnace so that a bird can hatch from the egg.

Use correct number of logs and heat

In the room there are drawings of the old bird breeder who mysteriously disappeared. The white chalk drawings show you how many logs you need for each egg and how often you have to pump the bellows. On the cauldron you can see from the flaming lines how often you have already fired up.

Here you can see the ingredients for cultivating a brown bird egg. (© GIGA)

For the black egg you need two pieces of wood and three pumps. The brown egg requires three logs and four pumps. However, the description for the white egg is crossed out because the values ​​do not match. If you still want to grow one, you need four logs and two pumps.

Once the heat is right, take the egg out of the cauldron and take it to the incubator. If you accidentally press the boiler too often, you can flip the lever in front of the hatchery and reset the boiler. Assuming the egg isn’t in the incubator yet. If you did everything right, you will now experience the miracle of the birth of a little bird.

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