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Neither solohrn, nor doublehrn, but megahrn. This is Wednesday, March 10, which gave us an unprecedented harvest of news. We wanted to see if we could push it into one video. And surprisingly, we did it, even though there were some doubts.

List of topics

00:50 – The European Union has sanctioned the merger of Microsoft and ZeniMax. There is re-speculation about the upcoming presentation of the games. It should happen on Thursday

03:42 – Some new games from Bethesda will only be on PC and Xbox. Bethesda, id Software, Arkane and others are officially part of Microsoft. What does it mean?

06:48 – A new Xbox browser makes Stadium or GeForce Now available. Putting may be within reach. The new console firmware is also going to sell official headphones

12:14 – The new Czech tycoon iCorp will make you a manufacturer. You can manufacture all possible products and build the world’s largest corporation

16:08 – The German government takes a stricter approach to loot boxes. The original announcement led to a rating of 18+ for loot boxing games. Now it’s just a matter of warning

20:49 – Steam has temporarily removed dozens of games, including CS: GO. Valve returned the titles to the offer within two hours. But it is not clear what caused the mistake

23:03 – Epic Games buy Slovak company Capturing Reality. The company deals with the creation of 3D models from photographs. The signs came in mid-February

29:08 – Aliens: Fireteam presents the first 6 invaders. See what xenomorphs we will face in the game. Everyone uses a different tactic

33:05 – STALKER 2 will work similarly to the Czech KCD. Events take place without the player’s contribution. Developers are also considering modifications for the Xbox

36:25 – The authors of The Last of Us recruit people for multiplayer. Plans for comeback Factions as standalone games seem to be still valid

40:13 – The heroes of The Last of Us received the faces of serial actors. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal “showed up” in their roles. A new video adds them to the game

43:11 – The authors of Disintegration end 9 months after the release of the game. The V1 Interactive team will no longer build on their debut. Co-author Halo has announced the end of his studies

46:23 – GameStop is officially starting to turn into an online store. Management is looking for a way to turn the chain into a technology company. Will it be competition for Steam?

46:23 – Timetable: First episode of Tell My Why for free, free edition of Ancestors Legacy, Resident Evil in September, Forza Horizon 4 on Steam and Overwatch has improvements for the Xbox Series

54:34 – Publisher Six Days in Fallujah partially spins, the game will be political. It is said that it is impossible to separate the war from these topics. They will also be affected by civilians in the documentary sections

58:58 – Watch a preview of the movie Dynasty Warriors. It has been around for several years and will now finally have its premiere. It is not yet clear when they will arrive

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