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GO and where the house in Doom »Vortex came from

Although less than a month remains until the end of the year, the season is not over yet and there is no reason to avoid other interesting news that the gaming industry is producing. That’s why we have twelve new products for you at the end of this week, from the earthquake in BioWare, through other escapes of Cyberpunk 2077, to the interesting Chinese horror or the promising planetary simulation Per Aspera. There’s a lot, and that’s right.

List of topics

00:48 – Two key personalities leave the BioWare studio. Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left the team where they have worked for approximately 20 years

09:49 – Another copy of Cyberpunk 2077 has been released to the public. Developers warn that streams and videos will be deleted. At the same time, they represent a photomode

18:46 – Chinese logic horror is heading to PlayStation 5 Dying: 1983. We will not be haunted by Pyramid Head, but by a ruthless Fishhead with a fish instead of a head

22:27 – Operation Broken Fang begins in Counter-Strike. It brings new missions, Retakes mode, seven maps and lots of rewards. Pinging is also a novelty

28:52 – The cult horror Cannibals will see a sequel. Director and screenwriter Ruggero Deodato has teamed up with Italian developers. Dario Argento did the same

35:29 – Hood: Outlaws & Legends presents the main characters and their motivation to stand up against resistance

41:09 – Astro may return to continue or expand. But nothing has been decided yet. The authors want to wait for feedback from multiple players

46:07 – New update to Watch Dogs does not solve storage problems. Some players can’t play on the new Xbox for almost a month. Ubisoft begs for patience

50:03 – The house served as a template for a map in the Doom event. Designer Sandy Petersen shows players how real properties look like places from the game

55:01 – Sea of ​​Thieves moves to a system of seasons and battle passes. Pirate detectives will appear in January next year. 11 million players have tried the game this year

1:00:29 – Timetable: Next-gen update for FIFA 21, postponement of Mortal Kombat, skins for Batman: Arkham Knight, Kratos in Fortnite, Doomguy in Fall Guys and update for State of Decay 2

1:05:47 – In the Per Aspera planetary simulation, you will colonize Mars. The attraction is the deep story and resemblance to Factoria. One of the characters is dubbed by Troy Baker

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