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Give a phone, computer or smart watch under the tree

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You don’t have to wait for Christmas to end because of the good prices. Huawei has already prepared an unconventional Advent calendar and a wheel of fortune full of big discounts on its most interesting products. You can look forward to, for example, the Watch GT 2e smart watch, the P40 mobile phone or the MateBook 13, which will be available with a discount of up to 50% or even for a symbolic one crown. In addition, the Huawei Store e-shop has prepared a new surprise for you every day. Delivery of goods is guaranteed by Huawei before Christmas.

On Tuesday, December 15, Huawei fans will be able to open the first window of an unconventional Advent calendar that the company has prepared for them. Until Christmas Day, ie until 24 December, special discount promotions will run on the Huawei Store e-shop website. Every day there will always be one product on offer for a special price. Discounts of 15, 30, 35 and 50% on individual products will be available for download in the form of relevant coupons from 15 to 18 December. They can be used on the given day from 20:00 to 22:00 for the whole two hours.

Among the products offered will be the discounted MateBook D15 in a package with the AX3 wifi router free of charge. For a good price, those interested will also be able to buy a Watch GT smart watch or FreeBuds 3 headphones, in addition to which they will also receive a free Bluetooth mini speaker.
Starting Saturday 19.12. then every day until 24.12. spins the wheel of fortune. The happiest customers will be able to get special discounts on, for example, the Watch GT 2e sports smart watch, the top-of-the-line P40 mobile phone or even the MateBook 13 with an Intel processor.

Among the biggest attractions of the Advent event will certainly be the Mate30 Pro or the MediaPad M5 tablet, which the happiest fans will receive for just one crown. A surprise is prepared for Christmas Day in the form of a special price for the first folding MateXS mobile phone.

If the interested party orders any goods from the Advent offer or from the wheel of fortune by 22.12. by 15:00, Huawei Store will deliver it to his home before Christmas Day.

The exact number of pieces that can be obtained under the above-mentioned advantageous conditions can always be found on the Huawei Store e-shop address on a given day.

You need to know before you start shopping

As we can assume great interest in selected products, we recommend that you create an account in advance on the Huawei e-shop. Signing up is a condition for you to be able to shop or revolve around happiness. The number of pieces of all offered products is strictly limited, so the rule “whoever comes first leaves satisfied” applies. While some products will be available indefinitely, there are dozens of products in stock and only a few or only one will be available in exceptional offers.

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