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Giant Cisco bought the Slovak Slido: WebEx will improve it

Slido certainly has reason to rejoice – it was bought by one of the largest computer companies in the world – Cisco. Thanks to Slid, she wants to strengthen her communication client WebEx. Specifically, thanks to it, it will be able to improve the question and answer panel, surveys and the overall interactivity of calls.

Cisco buys Slido to enhance their WebEx

Although Zoom rules the world when it comes to working video calls, WebEx doesn’t want to give up – it still has one of the largest companies in the world. She has now decided to invest in WebEx by buying our well-known startup – Slido.

If you’ve ever been to a major lecture, it’s more than likely that the organizers have prepared a canvas there and created a room where you can connect and ask questions over the Internet. If you are aware of such a situation, it was definitely all about Slide.

It allows you to ask questions (even anonymously) and without shouting at others, via your mobile. It’s such a small social platform, because you can not only add questions, but also vote for them – the most interesting can be printed at the top and less interesting can be downloaded below.

However, TechCrunch mentions that the details of the acquisition are unknown, but do everything to find out more. They only mention that Slido has only needed $ 40,000 from external sources since its existence (2013), which is a very small amount for a startup.

It’s also thanks to their great platform, which was also used by Elon Musk or Steve Wozniak, we at our Android Roadshow, but also the above-mentioned TechCrunch admitted that they used it at least once.

They also mention that the agreement will take effect in May 2021. With this move, Cisco and their WebEx appear to want to move closer to Zoom, which has been allowing questions and answers for some time. In video calls, only one can talk and only the whole attention is focused on him. In the meantime, it may happen to someone else forget their question.

Slido will thus allow you to gradually collect the questions of all participants and then return to them when the presenter finishes his speech. Moderators will also be given the opportunity to create surveys and gain an overview of the views of those involved.

Slido will continue to be available

If you are afraid that Slido would suffer in any way about its openness, then Slido’s product manager has confirmed that nothing will change.

“Cisco understands the value that Slido has brought to market. Therefore, it will continue to support integrations with other communication tools (Zoom, Teams, etc.), ” said Slida’s product manager, Juraj Pal.

Cisco says they are implementing Slido on their WebEx platform so that people can vote in polls, ask questions, and give feedback.

“The richness of this technology will strengthen us all to engage in conversation in new ways.” Abhay Kulkarni, vice president of WebEx, said in a blog announcing the news. “It’s a great mechanism for mediating audience engagement in real-time conversation.”

Slido is also in our 4ka Android Code 2020 poll, specifically in the category of the World’s Best Slovak Applications. If you have not yet voted in our poll, you can do so via the link below.

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