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Ghost of Tsushima players contributed to the restoration of the local monument -apkrig

Just before Christmas, we wrote that Japanese developers chose the American title Ghost of Tsushima, which deals with Japanese history, in a poll by the prestigious magazine Famitsu for the year. Which is an exceptional achievement in itself. The current report proves that the players have ignited a genuine interest in the history of this country. Fans of Ghost of Tsushima helped raise money to restore the damaged torii gate on the real island of Cushima.

Thanks to fans of the game, almost 21 million yen have already been selected instead of the required five.

The typhoon hit the island in early September this year and damaged one of the two gates leading to the local shrine. But repair is complicated and expensive. Although the locals contributed to it, there was not enough money. Therefore, on the Campfire website, which is a kind of Japanese equivalent of Kickstarter, in a crowdfunding campaign founded directly by one of the priests, people began to compose to repair the torii. And thanks to the game’s fans, almost 21 million yen have been selected instead of the required five.

They still have more than two weeks until the end of the campaign. According to the organizers of the event themselves, the Ghost of Tsushima players took care of a large part of the support. Thanks to the funds obtained, the damaged monument is to be restored and the interest of tourists after the pandemic is to be restarted. I can vividly imagine that many fans of the game will actually go to the island and now they have one more reason.

An ambitious plan might not work for another similar monument in the countryside, but Cushima has the advantage of becoming the venue for popular first party titles from Sony. Although we would not find this particular place directly in the game, its developers were of course very inspired by the landscape, history and architecture of the island and you will come across similar locations. Almost 1,600 people have already joined the crowdfunding campaign to save the gate.

Torii gates usually lead to Shinto shrines as in this case. We can also visit them in the game Ghost of Tsushima. It’s very nice to see that the players gained a relationship with this place thanks to the title, which most of them visited only in the digital world, and yet they decided to help locally.

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