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GGD warns of scammers with Corona test result via SMS

The GGD raises the alarm about a new way of fraud. The scam has to do with the corona test, in which an SMS is sent around about the test result.

Corona test test result SMS

There is an SMS circulating from scammers pointing out the results of the Corona test to users. The SMS then states that the result is positive and that the result can be viewed via the website. However, the GGD warns that this SMS is a fraud. The text in the SMS is as follows;

The results of your corona test are known. This one is POSITIVE. It may take about 15 minutes for your result to show. Go to to view.

This message has been sent automatically and cannot be replied to.

The link seems to link to, the official website of the Dutch government, but this link has been tampered with, leading to a rogue website. The GGD Brabant-Zuidoost says it will never send a test result via SMS. It is not recommended to click on the link. It is best to delete the message immediately. A test result of the Corona test is sent by e-mail, which never immediately states what the result is. When in doubt, ignore this e-mail and go to yourself. There you can log in using your DigiD and then view the results.

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