Get your slow laptop back fast

At some point, your laptop will slow down. We have some tips for you to get your slow laptop back quickly.

Over time, your laptop will slow down. This is due to all sorts of reasons. Sometimes your device slows down gradually, sometimes it’s all at once. It’s a bit of fate, because you don’t know. What we do know is that everyone has to deal with it. At least, if you don’t switch laptops every other year.

Get Laptop Fast

The causes of a laptop that loses speed can be due to a shortage of internal memory, or too many programs running in the background. It is also possible that you have a virus (so use a virus scanner). Age can also play a role, your laptop just gets older and wears out. There are ways to get your device back a little faster.

RAM is working memory. This determines how fast your laptop performs certain tasks. And a fact is that programs are getting heavier and heavier. So your working memory is full faster. You can expand this, so you have more memory and will be less bothered by a slow laptop.

This is the easiest. At some point there is so much junk on it that you really don’t need it. An overfull hard drive or SSD can mean that your laptop lacks speed. Take that off. You can easily do this with a free program that you can download. This also removes all unnecessary internet files and cookies.

What many people notice is that your laptop starts up slower. This is because all kinds of other programs start with Windows. Often you do not even realize this, but it is the reality. In Windows you can decide for yourself which programs are allowed to start. You can arrange this via ‘Task Manager’.

What works well is reinstalling Windows. This does take some time and planning. Many people also find it exciting, because you remove the old Windows. However, it does make your computer faster.

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