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Get it now – iconic shooter currently free on Steam

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Shooter fans take note – there is again new game food for you! This time it’s not Epic but Steam, where you can get a free pearl.

Metro Exodus

It’s that time of the year again – Steam doesn’t want to splash around and is throwing a top free game at you once in a while. What has long become a weekly tradition at Epic is a much rarer convenience at Valve. And this time it’s really worth it – besides a free game namely, also attract really cheap offers.

Get Metro for free on Steam

Steam reaches up to its elbow in its gift bag and treats you Special offers on the complete Metro franchise. The games are reduced by up to 80 percent! Except for one game: the first part of the series – Metro 2033 – you can until March 15th free of charge to back up. Once you’ve added the dark horror shooter to your Steam library, it’ll be yours forever. The other offers on the Steam page are also tempting:

  • Metro 2033 Redux instead 19.99 euros For 3.99 euros
  • Metro Last Light Redux instead 19.99 euros For 3.99 euros
  • Metro Exodus takes place 39.99 euros For 13.59 euros
  • Metro Exodus Season Pass instead 24.99 euros For 9.99 euros

Are you looking for more game food? You haven’t had these indie games on your radar before:

So you can the complete Metro range for less than 30 euros secure instead of having to pay for the actual RRP of over 100 euros. In case you’re wondering: “Why should I buy Metro 2033 Redux when I get Metro 2033 for free?” then let me tell you: the Redux versions of the Metro games are even more polished than their predecessors. Especially with regard to the graphics and some game elements, some fine-tuning was done again. So your money is well spent. There is also a little treat for strategy fans: Hearts of Iron IV is still Playable for free until this evening. If you like the game, you can get it up to date for 9.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros.

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