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Germany forges alliance against ban

Transport Minister Volker Wissing wants to undermine the combustion engine exit that has actually already been decided. In the EU, the FDP politician has apparently found new allies on the subject of e-fulfilment. Together they want to forge a combustion alliance against the ban from 2035.

With e-fuels: EU alliance against the end of combustion engines

The planned end for new cars with combustion engines from 2035 in the EU is beginning to falter. As it turns out now, not only the FDP with transport minister Volker Wissing wants to push through an exception for e-fuels. Apparently there are similar plans in other countries. Along with Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic a blocking alliance could develop.

The group wants to define its own category of combustion cars that can be operated with synthetic and climate-neutral e-fuels. According to the plans, this type of fuel should also be allowed to power new cars after 2035. One would now expect an answer from the EU Commission, like climate-neutral cars continue to be operated “open to technology”. could, as the minister put it (source: Handelsblatt).

Wissing demands that the The EU Commission does not rely solely on electromobility, but is committed to synthetic fuels. Without this commitment, the end of combustion engines, which the European Parliament, the EU Commission and the Member States have already agreed, is “not ready for approval”. He considers a general ban on combustion engines to be wrong if they can also be used in a climate-neutral manner.

More and more electric cars are coming from China:

Combustor Aus: German abstention possible

The formal decision to phase out combustion engines is expected shortly when the EU’s leading environment ministers meet again. Germany’s Environment Minister Steffi Lemke from the Greens is behind the original decision without exception for e-fuels. If there is no agreement within the federal government, Germany would have to abstain from the vote.

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