German rapper is now the new chart king

A new record is causing a stir in the German charts: German rapper Apache 207 has set an impressive record with his hit Roller, even dethroning the long-running hit Last Christmas.

Since 2018 has Apache 207 had a meteoric career as a rapper laid down. With his song Roller, the Mannheim rapper, whose real name is Volkan Yaman, has now achieved a real feat: The song has now spent more than 160 weeks, i.e. more than 3 years, in the German charts and thus sets a new record .

Apache 207: German rapper ousts Wham! from the chart throne

Roller has now stayed in the German charts for a whopping 162 weeks with interruptions. With it Apache 207 even overtakes Wham’s Last Christmas!, because the modern Christmas pop classic has “only” come up to 161 weeks according to the market research company GfK Entertainment. In contrast to George Michael’s catchy tune, which was released in 1984, Roller managed this feat in a much shorter time – the song was only released on the EP record in 2019.

Check out the official Apache 207 Roller video here:

However, Apache 207 is hot on its heels with another song – Tom Odells Another Love is now also 161 weeks. The love song, originally released in 2013, has grown into a solidarity song for the Ukrainian and Iranian people on TikTok. (Source: Daily news / Instagram)

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The price may be higher now. Price from 03/19/2023 19:04

2023 could be a big year for Apache 207

For his still relatively young career, Apache 207 has already recorded a real record-breaker with Roller – and in 2023 the artist has already been working diligently on his status as a rap star. After a few additional live concerts in January, he also has attention through an unusual cooperation with Udo Lindenberg excited – the song Komet was released on January 20, 2023 and reached number one in the German single charts.

While Apache 207 can be happy about his rap success, another rapper causes great disappointment in the GTA community:

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