German Glasfaser: What happens if glass fiber also has to deliver 1 GBit / s

TV cable operators are often accused of overloading nodes, building capacity too late and failing to deliver the promised data rate. But what would happen if all users in one location simultaneously retrieved the full capacity of 1 Gbps download in a fiber optic network? Of course, FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is able to deliver much higher data rates than HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) networks.


  1. Bosch Group, Berlin
  2. OKI EUROPE LIMITED, Branch Office Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf

German fiber optic spokesman Dennis Slobodian told Golem.de on request: “In this very theoretical scenario in which a company today and suddenly all the end-users permanently die For example, in a location with 2,000 households connected, a 2,000 gigabit leased line would be needed. “

But of course this is not realistic today: “This location alone would use about one third of the total bandwidth of the German internet node DE-CIX of about 6,000 gigabit / s and their connection would only be as fast as available Capacities of servers on the other side “explained Slobodian. But in six years, this data rate is really to be called up: The households and companies average demand for downloads will be around 1 Gbit / s in 2025, according to the broadband study 2018 of Breko (Bundesverband Breitbandverband) from September 2018. The previous year’s forecast was at 600 Mbps.

However, according to Slobodian, it is crucial for customers: “No matter what bandwidth they need, we guarantee them – as agreed.” The FTTH network offers the technological and infrastructural prerequisites for this. “If we observe that a higher bandwidth is necessary – for example, because customers are increasingly online at the same time and retrieve higher data volumes, we will carry out appropriate technical upgrades of the connections in good time, guaranteeing the guaranteed speed of the individual connection to the end customer” Slobodian said. These upgrades can be implemented with relatively little effort.

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