Genshin Impact: Nameless Treasures – all 3 locations and uses

You may have stumbled upon one of the Nameless Treasures in Genshin Impact. You can find a total of three pieces of these treasures in the game world, but what is their use? We’ll show you the locations of all Nameless Treasures and explain where you can hand them in and sell them.

1. Nameless treasure – location

The first Nameless Treasure is also the trickiest. Go to the Dunyu Mausoleum to the west of the map. Here you have to break the seal of a geo statue. To do this, you first have to light four torches with a pyro character such as Amber.

  • 1st torch: Is right next to the Geo statue.
  • 2nd torch: North of the Geo statue on top of a pillar.
  • 3rd torch: On a staircase on the lower level to the west.
  • 4. Torch: In the east of the water below a pillar.

In the following video we show you the torch locations exactly and how you can find the 1st Nameless Treasure:

When all torches are lit, the seal breaks and you can use the appropriate character such as Noelle to act the geo-force on the statue. Then the water level sinks and the chest with the 1st Nameless Treasure appears.

However, the treasure is still protected by a wind barrier. To dissolve this, you have to lead three souls in the area to their statues on the edge of the water basin.

  • 1. Seelie: You can find it very close to the Geo statue. When you approach, the soul flies down first. Follow her and she will fly up a bit before you can finally guide her to her place.
  • 2. Seelie: To the west of the mausoleum on the lower level near the ruins guard. By the way, you can avoid the fight with him, you can also reach the soul to the left in this way.
  • 3. Seelie: In the east of the mausoleum you can see this Seelie below behind a gate. Complete the challenge here to open the gate. When you approach, it first flies into the upper room and you have to climb through the window from the outside to reach it again. By the way, there is also a luxurious chest that you shouldn’t miss out on.

If all three souls are in their place, the wind barrier disappears and you can finally open the box with the nameless treasure. By the way, collecting each treasure will reward you with 40x veterans, so the search is worth it! It is best to have a look at the video above if the locations of certain torches or souls in text form are not enough for you.

2. Nameless treasure – location

You will automatically receive the 2nd Nameless Treasure at the end of the world mission “Who does the Lingju treasure belong to?”. This starts at the Lingju Pass in the far west of the map. Here you have to search the strange camp and then free the scholar Alrani from her cage above.

After her liberation she will tell you the location of the treasure under the golden tree in the middle of the larger body of water at Lingju Pass. Dig it out and you have completed the quest.

In the following video we carry out the world mission “Who owns the Lingju treasure” and the 2nd Nameless Treasure:

3. Nameless treasure – location

Treasure no. 3 is hidden by the Qingxu pond in the far southwest of the map. On one of the raised levels, a stone tablet tells you what you have to do to make the last treasure appear. Simply activate the geo-seal on the 5 towers in the area with the appropriate power.

  • 1. Geo-seal: Right in front of the stone tablet on the ground.
  • 2. Geo-seal: At the tower opposite the stone tablet. This is also guarded by two opponents.
  • 3. Geo-seal: On the tower northwest of the stone tablet.
  • 4. Geo-seal: On the tower southeast of the stone tablet.
  • 5. Geo-seal: On the tower in the very south of the pool.
Note: It can be difficult to hit the geo-seals on the towers with the geo-force. We chose Ningguang for this task, but even with her magic it didn’t always work right away. So you may have to be patient here.

We also show you the locations of all 5 geo-seals and the 3rd nameless treasure in the following video:

Hand in and sell treasures at the antique dealer

Now you have all 3 Nameless Treasures, but their use is not directly revealed. You cannot open them in the inventory, but the description text of the treasures already gives you an indication of who might be interested in them. In short: go to the Linlang antique dealer in Liyue.

This is the place in Liyue where you can find the antique dealer.
This is the place in Liyue where you can find the antique dealer.

Linlang has her shop just to the left of the souvenir shop and she is very interested in the Nameless Treasures. It is important to note that it is only available for business after 9 p.m. So you may have to let the time pass a little in the game before you can talk to her.

Go through the dialogue options with her and then give her all three Nameless Treasures. As a reward, you will receive 100,000 Mora and 40 primary rocks.

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