Genshin Impact: Hand Protection Items and Nobushi

We’ll show you where in Genshin Impact Nobushi can be found who drop hand protection items.

You will find new types of enemies in the Inazuma area of ​​Genshin Impact. This includes the Nobushi, Japanese swordsmen who drop various hand protection items as prey. You need this as upgrade material and we will therefore show you the locations of Nobushi on the map.

Genshin Impact

Find Old Handguards, Kageuchi Handguards, and Famous Handguards

In order to upgrade characters such as Ayaka that occur in Inazuma in their figure level, you need various upgrade materials in the form of hand protection items. These are only left behind as prey by the Nobushi enemies in Inazuma. Like the sakura blossoms, they appear exclusively here. The level of the enemy determines the value of the items as follows:

  • Old hand protection: Possible prey of all Nobushi.
  • Kageuchi handguard: Possible loot from Nobushi from level 40.
  • Famous hand protection: Possible loot from Nobushi from level 60.

Nobushi is available in various variations, but just keep in mind the following: All opponents who wear a katana can drop hand protection items.

As usual you can also make a higher quality hand protection yourselfwhen you combine three low-level handguard items at alchemy locations. Another alternative is that Dealer menu. Here you can buy the items for star dust or star shine. 3x old hand protection costs you 5x stardust. For the same price you get 1x Kageuchi handguard. For 2x star shine you get 3x famous handguards.

Find Nobushi enemies: Map with localities

There are plenty of camps with Nobushi enemies on the three island regions of Inzuma. We have already marked many locations for you on the following map. However, there are many more.

Nobushi was found in Inazuma (Genshin Impact).
Nobushi was found in Inazuma (Genshin Impact).

The Japanese swordsmen come in the following variations:

  • Nobushi Hitsukeban
  • Nobushi Kikouban
  • Nobushi Jintouban

In addition to katanas, these enemies also use other aids such as fireworks and electrically charged crossbow projectiles. To find Nobushi, you can also open your adventure license and mark Nobushi as a bounty target on the map.

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