Genshin Impact: Find Star Silver Ore – all localities on the map

This is what occurrences of star silver ore look like in Genshin Impact.

Star silver is one of the rare resources in Genshin Impact, as the mineral is only found in the Dragon Ridge area. So that you can find it quickly, we show you all the locations of star silver ore on the map.

Genshin Impact

Star Silver Ore – Locations in Genshin Impact

Since version 1.2 of Genshin Impact you can find star silver. However, you can only mine it in the Dragon Ridge. On the following map we have marked all locations of star silver ore for you. In addition, we have circled particularly abundant occurrences in red.

Star silver ore locations in the Dragon Ridge area of ​​Genshin Impact.
Star silver ore locations in the Dragon Ridge area of ​​Genshin Impact.

It is best to first mark the areas marked in red on your map in the game and then rattle off them one after the other to mine the star silver. Like all other minerals, you can hit star silver ore with a melee weapon to mine it. Deposits give you one to two units of star silver, depending on the situation.

When will star silver ore respawn again? Like all other resources in the game, you must Wait 3 days in real time (72 hours)until the ores reappear at the marked places. The locations do not change and always remain the same.

What do you need star silver for?

You need about 50 pieces of star silver ore to get the Quest “The Tooth of Corruption” complete. This will give you the in the end Dragon Ridge Spear. But you also need star silver to forge various weapons and objects. These include, for example:

  • Star silver buried under snow (50x): A two-handed sword that you otherwise only earn by collecting all 8 stone tablets.
  • Permafrost fruit (50x): A catalyst weapon.
  • Reinforcement Ore (3x): You can use white ore for production as an alternative to chunks.
  • Hot water bottle (2x): Brave the cold temperatures in the Drachengrat.

If you want to make all of these items, you should farm star silver ore regularly, because there are no other deposits and, as I said, it takes some time until it respawns again. Do you have problems or questions about mining star silver? Then let us know in the comments!

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