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Just Cause 4 is out there, so it’s time to concentrate on another project from Avalanche Studios. Generation Zero is a cooperative shooter in an open world of 80-year-old Sweden where something terrible has happened. People are slow here, robots predominate in order to wipe out their soft opponent. For some cans, you need only a gun, but you can not even use such a shotgun with a shotgun.

The creators are finally going to promote their new brand.

It is much more interesting the second video in which developers play an hour from the start of the game, and without much difficulty they dispose of small robots with minimal equipment. Generation Zero will not throw you into a terrible hell from the beginning. It gives you time to search for a few homes, find weapons, equipment, and medicine. It sounds like a recipe for battle royale, but it’s actually a shooter for one to four players.

In the video, you are witnessing two-member co-operation, which is progressing to a heavy fight with the robot-type robot. It is not aggressive in itself. His task is to extract rare materials.

Not only is the harvester armored, he also has a strong impulse that will not let you into the body, and then you will be ravaged by a rocket launcher.

A nice detail with the tongue is revealed in the video as well, he was aware of the danger that the mining machine might encounter. You are in Sweden, so it is logically Swedish on all materials. Translating the documents you collect is normal. But you’ll also get a translation even when looking at different inscriptions in the world. (19459004)

What is behind the robotic invasion of Generation Zero, you will learn next year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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