Galaxy S9 and S9 + owners: download OneUI!

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Last month, Samsung presented with great pomp its new interface UI U that will facilitate the one-handed use of smartphones more than 6 inches diagonally.
The latter will be released on its next foldable screen smartphone but it will also make an incursion on the Galaxy S9, S9 + and Note 9.

It is already possible to enjoy this interface today if you are the happy owner of an S9 or S9 + since the beta is open to French users! This will require an unlocked smartphone, download the Samsung Members Community Application and register for the beta test program. You will need to create an account on the app than in the application menu (with the three horizontal bars), choose Information Notice One UI Beta Test Program and finally Join the One UI beta program. After having read and validated the conditions, it will be necessary to go to the menu of updates (in Parameters ) to manually download One UI.

For now, it does not work again with Note 9. Note that in addition to ease of handling and intuitiveness, One UI will also propose to harmonize the graphic themes to the colors of the smartphone and a dark theme for night owls, nyctalopes or insomniacs.

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