Gadget promises barbecuing in the house without smoke and food smell

That almost sounds too good to be true. But this gadget says it can promise odorless and smoke-free barbecues.

barbecuing. That’s mainly for the summer, isn’t it? If only because you cannot carry out this hobby indoors with a traditional barbecue. There are all kinds of alternatives, for example on gas or with a power plate, but then you still have food odors in the house. You can stand under the extractor hood. But what’s the fun in that?

Barbecuing minus smoke and food smell

This crowdfunding project on Kickstarter says it has the solution. The secret? Infrared cooking your food. According to the makers, it is odorless and you can prepare your food at the table indoors without an extractor hood. There is also no smoke around the door. The project is called Barbechef and has already raised more than 95,000 euros. For 147 euros, early birds are eligible for the Barbechef. Barbecuing without a bad food smell sounds good. Especially in houses where the dining room and living room are in one room. Watching a movie at 21:00 while the smell of fried chicken still hangs in the room, yes, that doesn’t make anyone happy.

Check out the attached video to see the idea in real life. But then there is the key question: does an infrared chicken taste just as good as one from the traditional grille?

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