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FutureMe lets you send a letter to the future

A time capsule. Everyone has made one at some point. One at primary school, the other at secondary school and some even at HBO. It can be a box with stuff and notes, but also a whole letter about where you think you will be in 5 years. Only: how do you ensure that such a letter reaches you? There is now an app for this: FutureMe. We discuss it in this edition of App of the Week.


Once at my HBO I once wrote a letter to myself, in which I had to write what I hoped my life would look like then. My teacher would then send the letters from the whole class in five years. But yes, at the time I lived in a student house and those are not really places where people get their mail properly forwarded when they leave. And I did leave, long before those five years were up. I never saw that letter again.

Too bad, because it’s funny to see how you looked at things five years ago. Maybe you were in a relationship and it’s long since ended. Perhaps at that time you had absolutely no intention of ever having children and you wish you were pregnant with twins. Or maybe you thought you would open your own restaurant in five years, but you turned out to have a much greater passion for buying products than cooking them. Of course, a coronavirus does not help with being able to properly estimate what the future will bring, but that also makes it even more interesting to write yourself a letter and read it after all these years.

Long story short: FutureMe is an app where you write yourself a letter that is then emailed to you five years later. You log in with your Google account and without having to pay further, you can ensure that you actually receive that letter over a certain period of time. You set how long that period should be. You can also use images in your letter or even add videos to it. And, also nice: you choose whether the letter should remain private or whether you want to share it with the rest of the world. This way you can also view letters from others and get some inspiration.

Premium account

If you want to get more out of the app, a Premium account might be better. You can write an unlimited number of letters and you will no longer see advertisements. You can choose to support them for 12 months (for 2.56 euros, 5.99 euros or 8.98 euros) or for 5 years at 27.99 euros, 10 years at 59.99 euros or even a lifetime for 99.99 euros. That is a lot of money, which of course does not guarantee that this app will continue to exist (or that we will still be using apps in the way we do now in 10 years’ time). Still, it is funny to see, especially with an app that is so concerned with the future.

It’s a nice app with a nice design and a clear subdivision of options (and even inspiration for what to write in your letter, when you tap the light at the bottom left). You can write freely and view the beautiful, often special letters from others. Yet it is not an app that we put at number 1. FutureMe isn’t perfect. It’s a nice app, but it’s very unstable. At one point it even kept giving error messages, even after shutting down and restarting.

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It’s a shame, because it’s an app that looks very professional otherwise. However, wanting to go through the menu quickly reveals, for example, that he is not very firmly in his shoes technically. Or even if you linger on the Premium subscription page for a long time: a rather persistent error message appears. Do we recommend this app? For the idea and for the possibility to give yourself such a capsule, yes. But if we look at the technical foundation of FutureMe, then this future app is still disappointing.

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FutureMe is an app where you can compose a letter that will be sent to yourself after a certain amount of time. Sounds illogical, but is a lot of fun as a time capsule..

Do you have a capsule somewhere to open in the future, or do you use a (different) app for that? Let me know in the comments.

Image source: FlorianKlauer

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