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Further leaks are confirmed by two Cyberpunk 2077 »Vortex modes

At the end of last week, we informed you that the Best Buy chain began delivering the collector’s edition of Cyberpunk 2077 to some players prematurely. published and publicly shares its findings. These then logically revolve around the technical side and performance of the game, which we commented on last week. But it is now being confirmed that the Cyberpunk 2077 will offer two modes on previous and current generation consoles, preferring either frame rate or higher resolution and generally better graphics.

Probably the most active in describing their impressions and confirming both modes was the Reddit user nicknamed DanXcel. Last night, he shared a screenshot directly from the game’s settings, played on the Xbox Series X, where it is clear that the described option is in the settings. At the same time, the screenshots were supplemented with a photo of the box and discs of the game, intended for the Xbox One, which they run on the new Xbox thanks to the backward compatibility mode. Again, we remind you that Cyberpunk 2077 until the release of the planned next-gen upgrade will not run on new consoles with any significant improvements and the current state of the game can be reflected in the operation of the Xbox One, respectively. PlayStation 4.

I guess the performance mode uses dynamic resolution. But keep in mind that this may still change after a day of one patch.

However, DanXcel not only ended up with pictures, but also wrote about the feelings of playing and subsequently measuring how the game runs on the console. He didn’t have accurate information at first, but he believed that the performance mode guaranteed 60 fps on the Xbox Series X, and he spoke of a significantly smoother experience than in the case of the quality mode. He then mentioned a smaller, approximately 6GB update, which increased the overall size of the game from 53 GB to 59 GB and later added more details to the resolution and images. “I guess the performance mode uses dynamic resolution. But keep in mind that this may change after a day of one patch. At the same time, I own an LG CX TV with a VRR function, thanks to which the game runs even more smoothly, “says DanXcel and subsequently confirms the mentioned 60 fps with occasional drops. “The resolution drops significantly, but the overall level of graphics is not so low that I think you have to play at 30 fps [a režimu kvality], “The fan concludes.

However, he answers another plethora of queries, in which he mentions, for example, antialiasing in both modes, the inability to set the FOV value, impressive HDR and also the critically lacking support for ray tracing. But here we come again to the aforementioned next-gen upgrade, which players on the consoles still have to wait for. According to DanXcel, however, the game will be even better thanks to better processed reflections precisely because it is illuminated by many neons at night and the atmosphere could be even better.

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