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From white to spelled: 5x fine bread baking machines


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With twelve different baking programs, this is a great bread maker for a great price. So bring home flour or a bread baking mix and sit back: the machine does the job.

Once the bread is ready? Then you also have no hassle with cleaning, because you can easily remove the baking tins (with non-stick coating).

Buy this bread maker from Inventum here.


bread makers

The brand known for its high-quality kitchen appliances. You can certainly say that about this bread maker, with which you can make bread in all sizes: five hundred and seven hundred and fifty grams, but even weighing one kilo.

Extra tasty: ensure a crispy crust thanks to the convection fan. Bet those slices are gone after lunch?

You order the machine here.

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bread makers
If you not only want to make bread, but also pasta dough, cheese or even yogurt, this Moulinex machine is the right choice. It has no fewer than twenty different baking programs.

And when you have run out of ideas after a while, you open the recipe book that comes with it.

Here you buy the Moulinex bread maker.


bread makers

Do you want to make fiber-free bread or without gluten? This Panasonic machine has a special setting that allows you to use all kinds of grains and flours, which you normally cannot easily make a bread from.

So it’s nice to experiment, and by the way not only with bread: it also has a Jam and Compote function, so you can test one of the fourteen recipes supplied.

Order this fine bread machine here.


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Can you already smell that wonderful scent of fresh bread from your bedroom? With this machine from Princess you can set a timer in the evening, so that you get up the next morning with fresh bread: it couldn’t be easier.

Also nice: if you are still in the shower, the device keeps your bread warm and crispy for another hour.

Order the machine here.

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