From today, Lidl is selling a Philips television at a hammer price

If you want to buy a new television set at the beginning of the year, you can buy Lidl now. The discounter sells a smart TV at a low price. GIGA has the details for you.

Lidl sells Philips televisions for 259 euros

Update from 01/14/2021: Today, the sale of the Philips television officially begins at Lidl. The offer is valid both in the online shop and in the store. The TV is probably already sold out online, so you have to try your luck in the store.

If you don’t succeed, Amazon offers an alternative.

Original article:

Lidl actually doesn’t want to sell the Philips 43PFS6805 television until January 14, 2020 at a price of 259 euros, but the offer can already be ordered in the online shop. However, delivery is only made after the campaign has started. But if you want to secure the TV in any case, you can strike now. Incidentally, it is not only sold online, but also in branches. So if it is sold out online, you can strike on site.

Screenshot from January 4, 2021 from GIGA on

In addition to the price of 259 euros, shipping costs of 4.95 euros are added, so that you land at 263.95 euros. This is really a very good price. Otto’s competition charges 329 euros for the same model. So if you wanted exactly this 43-inch TV with full HD resolution and Smart TV functions, you should buy Lidl. As with the last offer, Lidl could take the television offline again and only sell it again on January 14th. At the time this article was published, the Philips television was available to order from Lidl.

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Who is buying a Philips TV from Lidl for?

For everyone who wants a branded television at an attractive price. At 43 inches, the television is not too big, it has WiFi so that it can access the network wirelessly and use all the important functions. A triple tuner is also built into the Lidl television so that everything can be received. If you don’t care about the brand, you can buy a similar model from Amazon for 249 euros. Or you want 4K resolution and Android TV, then you can use the Xiaomi TV for a little more.

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