From now on you can also have your parcels picked up at home

A new service offered by Deutsche Post DHL should enable customers to have their parcels picked up from home. The company’s goal: to reduce CO2 emissions and avoid long journeys and waiting times.

In the future, DHL customers will also be able to send their parcels from home. The company announced this in a official notice at. According to this, a new service offers free booking for parcels to be taken to the front door or a selected storage location.

Deutsche Post DHL: Have the package picked up from home

According to its own statements, Deutsche Post DHL would like to “save long distances, possible waiting times and CO2 emissions”. With this offer, the company wants to respond even more closely to the wishes of its customers. In the message it says:

In particular for people with disabilities, whether due to a handicap or advanced age, taking parcels with you has already established itself. With the option of booking takeaway at the storage location and depositing the consignment there, the offer is now even more convenient.

CO2 emissions can also be reduced by eliminating routes. However, the prerequisite for having parcels picked up at home is that the corresponding delivery vehicle has sufficient loading capacity.

How can I send DHL packages from home?

The new service of sending parcels from home is only possible in combination with an incoming shipment including shipment tracking. If a parcel is already on its way, DHL customers can now book a free parcel to take with them in the parcel notification or DHL shipment tracking.

The deliverers should thus know in advance that they can take a return or shipment from the respective customer with them. According to Deutsche Post DHL, this is possible both personally at the front door and with a package deposited at the agreed storage location.

In concrete terms, this means that DHL customers can have their parcels picked up without having to meet the deliverers in person. As with door-to-door pickup, staff receive a notification upon booking that a package is ready to go.

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