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From 2021, Google is working on better privacy Google Chrome extensions

Google is committed to better privacy conditions for users from 2021. The first step? Limiting the influence of Chrome extensions.

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From 2021, Google is working on better privacy Google Chrome extensions

Google increasingly profiles itself as a privacy-aware company and is therefore announcing a number of changes to Chrome extensions. From 2021, users can determine per domain which extension is allowed access. The company is also setting new boundaries for what extension developers can do with data.

Chrome extensions have a big impact on your internet experience. That is often the intention, but is it really wise? It is not without reason that Google warns that extensions can change the content of the page. The vast majority of users ignore this warning and grant the extension all the access it needs to function. This is not good practice, according to Google.

Starting in 2021, Google will limit the amount of data that extensions can access. Initially, an extension is given access to one domain or website. Do you want to expand this? Then you have to allow this manually, per domain or website. Do you want to give a Chrome extension access to your web browser at all times? That is still possible, although this option is a lot less obvious.

This makes it less easy for extension developers to access a large amount of data. But this is not enough. Google takes an extra step. The company limits what developers can do with the collected data from Chrome users.

Google is shifting focus to privacy

Google and the fight for better privacy conditions, this may not be the most logical combination. Or is it? Other internet browsers, such as Edge and Safari, use their better privacy conditions as an asset. Not to be outdone, Google is also shifting its focus to protecting users’ private data. Limiting the influence of extensions is the first step.

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