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Fritzbox update: AVM fixes many errors

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An update is now available for a popular Fritzbox. The update removes some annoying bugs that had crept into the AVM router. However, not every owner of the Fritzbox should install the update.


Fritzbox 7530: New update removes errors

The Fritzbox manufacturer AVM keeps distributing new updates for its routers. These are either final versions or so-called laboratory updates. The latter are basically beta versions that interested users can test before the final release. As always, this type of update should not be used in productive systems. The installation is also aimed at experienced users who know exactly what they are doing.

The laboratory update now published is only available for the Fritzbox 7530. There have been improvements in the areas of telephony, Internet, cellular communications, WLAN and USB. The focus is on eliminating errors. It was not possible for the Fritzbox 7530 in combination with a Fritzfon to carry out an e-mail configuration for this. In addition, cloud numbers from Deutsche Telekom’s business platform are now also supported.

With the online monitor for mobile communications, it sometimes happened that no data was displayed. With the new update, this problem has been resolved. In the WLAN area, the manufacturer reports that the stability has been increased. We have also taken care of the better detection of WPS registrations running in parallel. In the USB area, the transfer of data via the network drive function under Windows is now much better than before.

We have collected more tips about Fritz boxes here in the video:

Fritzbox 7530: Simply install the update

In order to be able to install the laboratory update on the Fritzbox, the corresponding file is first downloaded from the AVM website downloaded. Then switch to the user interface of the Fritzbox and select the “Extended view”. The laboratory update can then be imported via the “System / Update” menu item. After successful installation, the Fritzbox restarts once.

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