Freeletics kicks my ass into shape with artificial intelligence

There are many apps that try to get you working out, but Freeletics finally got it done for me – even if the name is a bit misleading at first glance.

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Freeletics: exercising with nothing but your iPhone

Like many, I have a complicated relationship with sports. I never felt like it and was never good at it. Thanks to various technical gadgets, I have regained pleasure in sports.

That started with Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, a game with a rubber ring that allows you to do sports exercises to defeat enemies. I also enthusiastically went boxing in virtual reality, while the sweat was dripping from my body. But over time, the boxing game started to fail and I had completed Ring Fit Adventure.

In terms of apps, I had already tried a few things. For example, Active Arcade is a nice game that combines augmented reality and sports, but I eventually found my match in Freeletics.

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