Free Samsung smartphone for supermarket employees

Look, that’s a nice touch. These supermarket employees have been given a free Samsung smartphone.

How do you communicate well with your employees and keep them all informed of the latest news? Via a smartphone, of course. That is exactly what the American supermarket chain Walmart has done. No fewer than 740,000 (!) Samsung smartphones have been provided to employees by the supermarket chain.

Free Samsung smartphone

Not a Galaxy S21 or anything like that, but a Galaxy XCover Pro. This is an extra sturdy Samsung smartphone, especially aimed at professional use. Employees can access a special browser and app from the supermarket with this device. This allows them to check company news, view schedules and clock when they start a shift. Pretty handy.

This is also good news for Samsung, because they have managed to secure a mega order in this way. It is unknown what Walmart had to pay for this deal. The free Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone for supermarket employees was launched in 2020. It is a dust and water resistant IP68 outdoor phone with a removable battery. The device is also available in the Netherlands. The smartphone has a 6.3-inch TFT touchscreen and the touchscreen also works, for example, in combination with a glove. (via CNN)

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