Free route planner for Android, the Top 3 apps.

Navigation apps have been helping us on our routes for years. But which App is the best? In this handy tip, we are going to show you the Top 3 Free Route Planners for Android as Route Maps.

I invite you to discover route maps.

Google Maps, the popular and free route planner

With all the changes you need to know and proven to do without – mobile you can use “Google Maps” like an App.

  • The map program has established itself for a long time as a fast and easy route planning and all the features that you now get also on the smartphone or tablet.
  • Once you have searched for a location and found it, you can select the “Route” button to display the best routes to display. The chosen Route allows you to download it quickly by selecting “Start”.
  • With the Street View feature, you can see ahead, how your Runner’s View Route looks, and can make use of for the purpose of is familiar to you.
  • With many additional features Google Maps makes it easier for you during the trip also to control other functions, such as, for example, music.
  • In addition, the App provides routes for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.
  • Google Maps also offers the possibility of mapping the areas to be downloaded. So you can download cities, for example, in the holidays, also for offline use of the App and to plan a route.
  • The App is usually pre-installed on all Android devices and since it is, along with Google’s operating system, you won’t need any additional registration.

Waze the free navigation system with additional features

Waze is one of the most popular route planners for the Smartphone. In addition to easier planning and navigation, it still offers a lot of attractive features, without which in the future you will hardly want to drive.

  • The “Waze” App is free and is now an affiliate of Google.
  • Aside from detailed route planning, Waze receives ongoing live information from all App users.
  • So Waze will help you, through the driving behavior of Others, find the best routes. Many drivers have to stop due to an obstacle, so the App knows almost in real time, and can send other drivers on other roads.
  • Additionally, Waze gives you the “Report” feature, which you can report to other drivers, traffic jams, accidents, hazards, controls, cameras and more.
  • The more people use the App, the more up-to-date and detailed information for other drivers, and therefore for you too. You will be notified of all alerts in a timely manner.
  • Apps like Spotify are also integrated into Waze and can quickly and easily be controlled. It also works by voice command.
  • Before a Route is started, you can see through the planning function how much the maximum distance is still. So not only will you find the fastest route, but also the best time for your planned trip.

Via Michelin: classic route planner

Also Michelin is the weather: Road Atlas is available as a useful route planner in the ViaMichelin App.

  • “Via Michelin” familiar to many as a Desktop route planner, for some time it has been the classic as mobile. Here you must have a constantly active Internet connection, receive but experience simply and very quickly the desired Route to the destination.
  • And they got there, the App is still a suitable parking space for you. The optics should also be known by the Browser.
  • If you go online, the App provides you with some features like Waze. So you can save while driving dangers, traffic jams or accidents, which will be shown to other App users.
  • The App also displays corresponding views and helps you find the desired goals on the spot.
  • The route planner does not show in the route selection, the duration and length of the route but also the cost of the trip is calculated.

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