Four great gifts for iPhone fans

For the real iPhone fanboys and girls we have listed four gifts for you. Handy for now that the holidays are approaching.

Apple enthusiasts, we all know a few. Absolutely love everything from Apple and often this is the iPhone. There are many accessories for the iPhone. We’ve put the nicest and best ones below, so you know which gift to buy.

Gifts iPhone fanboys and girls

Check whether the Apple fan does not already own some of these accessories, otherwise your search will still be in vain.

Magsafe Phone Wallet

Let’s start with a buyer, the Apple Magsafe Phone Waller. The first-generation Apple phone wallet debuted last year with the iPhone 12. It attaches to the phone with MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic technology for securing chargers and accessories. The latest version offers new colors and Find My compatibility. If the wallet gets disconnected from your phone for more than a minute, you’ll get a push notification indicating the last connected location, which should hopefully help you find it. Useful!

PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit

The cameras get better with each generation of iPhone, now also with the iPhone 13. Are you an Instagrammer pur sang? Then this three-in-one gimbal, wireless charger and tripod is the perfect gift.

The PowerVision S1 holds smartphones through a magnetic phone case sold with the device and does not require MagSafe. Once attached, the gimbal can stabilize your camera – eliminating video shake, even if you move while capturing. Your phone is also charged wirelessly.

Moment Car Vent Mount

You use your smartphone to navigate. But also to call in the car. Hands-free, of course. Then this car holder makes looking at your phone while driving a lot safer and easier.

It mounts on your car’s air vent, so no glue or suction cups required. An iPhone 12 or 13 can be attached via MagSafe, making the process of snapping your phone in and out of the holder much faster than with traditional car phone holders. And because it’s attached to the vent, nothing will block your windshield.

Volonic Valet 3 charging pad

This is a luxury thing with a price tag that will blow your mind. The Volonic Valet 3 is a customizable wireless charging pad made of luxurious materials. You can choose between fashion quality alcantara or the same type of leather used in Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. The whole can be personally designed, from color and material to cord length and logo style.

It uses Aira FreePower technology, which can charge up to three devices in any position on the charger.

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