Fortnite: Location of the Mysterious Capsule

In Fortnite there are always weekly challenges and quests waiting for you to make the leveling of your Battle Pass as efficient as possible. Conveniently, you will not only be rewarded with experience points, but also with all kinds of cosmetic items. One of these tasks is to find the Mysterious Capsule. We’ll tell you where exactly you can complete the quest.


The Mysterious Pod belongs to the Predator, which has been delighting cinema audiences since the 80s. However, his crashed pod isn’t the first movie hero’s spaceship to break in Fortnite. At the beginning of Season 5, the Mandalorian is also supported with his Razor Crest above the map. Our guide will tell you where you can find the spaceship from the Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

The Mysterious Capsule of the Predator – location on the map

Land in Stealthy Stronghold right at the beginning of the game to discover the Mysterious Capsule.

The Mysterious Capsule is not difficult to find either. You can find him in the octagonal Stealthy Stronghold, far north of the map. We have marked the exact location for you in the picture. The challenge “Find the Mysterious Capsule” belongs to the jungle hunter orders.

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The easiest way to complete the quests is to land right at the destination point. Fortunately, you don’t have to interact with the capsule, you just have to get close enough to it. Should you land right next to the capsule, you will have the quest in your pocket at the beginning of the round, even if you are overwhelmed immediately afterwards.

You will receive this reward for finding the Mysterious Capsule

This banner symbol is your reward for finding the Mysterious Capsule.

Unfortunately there are no experience points for finding the Mysterious Capsule. As soon as you have found the mysterious capsule and return to the main menu of the game, a reward is waiting for you. So you can decorate your account with the Predator banner and in this way stir up anticipation. After all, it can only be a matter of time before the Predator itself is available as a skin in the game.

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