Fortnite: family portraits in a shipwreck

A challenge in Fortnite Season 5, Week 12 requires you to find a family portrait in a shipwreck. We’ll show you where to spot the picture to complete the task.

In total, several family portraits are hidden on the map, each of which is attached to your striking golden frame can recognize. However, it is enough to collect just one of these portraits. The easiest place to find it is Shipwreck Bay in the south-east of the map. You can see where exactly this is on our map.

Family portrait in the shipwreck bay: location

Fortnite family portrait location
You can find several family portraits in the Shipwreck Bay.

You can jump off the bus right at the start of the game and land in Shipwreck Bay to complete the challenge as quickly as possible. Several family portraits are scattered around the bay.

Just walk along the shore of the bay until you spot one of the pictures. Sometimes these can be hidden, for example by lying in a bathtub. You can also recognize the portraits by the blue sheen that highlights the picture as soon as you get close enough. Once you’ve found one of the family portraits, all you have to do is interact with the item to complete the challenge.

Note: In order to collect even more experience points, we recommend that you search for all XP coins that are scattered across the map. can be found in our guide.

You will be full for your effort 20,000 experience points rewarded for your Battle Pass. With this boost, you should take a big step closer to level 100, so that you can complete your Battle Pass with all costumes and rewards before the end of the season. Of course, we will also keep you up to date on future challenges.

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