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Fondue at Christmas: you need this

Fondue set

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As a couple, with the whole family or even with grandpa and grandma there: whoever sits at the table, this eight-person fondue set offers space for everyone. You can set the thermostat yourself and it’s extra nice with children: the outside of the pan stays cool.

Had dinner? Then you can throw the pan in the dishwasher.

You can buy it here.



Pieces of meat and fish, as well as bread and vegetables, can be easily attached to these fondue forks from Boska. They are firmly attached, so no worries about things falling into the hot fondue pan.

Here you buy the fondue forks.

Fondue plates


Everything tastes no less on a normal plate, but a fondue set naturally requires matching plates – especially at Christmas. Go for a bunch of red or choose a different color for each family member.

And thanks to the boxes you can also use them as a children’s plate for the rest of the year.

Order them here.

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Will you be happy: these colorful bowls from the brand Cozy & Trendy. They look perfect with a beautifully set table, but are also very useful for vegetables and sauces with your fondue.

Buy them here.

Bread bowl


Sliced ​​baguette? Then serve it in this beautiful white bowl: modern and timeless, so it can also be used during other tasty dinners.

Order the bowl here.



Last but not least: without oil, fondue becomes a difficult story. It is best to choose a neutral oil, such as sunflower oil. Count on about one liter for four to six people.

Order a bottle here.

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