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foldable device with two folding elements

Manufacturer Oppo is already working on a foldable smartphone, but has now shown a new concept. Its screen can fold in two places. This allows you to use the device in all kinds of different scenarios.

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Oppo “Slide Phone”: concept shows a glimpse into the future

Manufacturer Oppo is on track, because a few weeks ago the company also showed a concept of a smartphone. Now that is the case again and Oppo calls it the ‘Slide Phone’. It is a device with a screen that can be folded in two places. Because of this possibility, the smartphone can be used in several ways.

When fully folded, the device is so small that it fits easily in your palm. If you open the first part, a 1.5 inch screen will unfold. That is small, but according to the manufacturer enough to record conversations, operate music or, for example, check notifications.

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